Builder Starter Package

Outlined below is a sample builder starter package which will introduce you to energy efficient construction.

  • On site auditing: review and report of the framing and mechanicals of your product to get a sense of the possible savings which could be achieved through a value engineering process
  • Meeting with your site super to ascertain the stop-gaps in your construction process
  • Meeting with a customer service representative to discuss defects and service issues and how they relate to your bottom-line
  • Evaluation of a typical model for ENERGY STAR® compliance
  • HOT2000 software modeling for ENERGY STAR® performance and EnerGuide 80 compliance
  • Blower-door testing on a model to ascertain an EnerGuide rating and benchmark the air-tightness of your current construction
  • Energy Matrix for Builder Option Package creation
  • Recommendations on how to get to ENERGY STAR® qualified construction the easiest and most cost effective way on this and similar models
  • Providing you with a report with recommendations to maximize your opportunities of becoming "Lean and Green"

The ENERGY STAR® Mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. Used with Permission.