Consulting Services

A&J Energy Consultants offers a comprehensive catalogue of services designed to provide you with the best possible home for your clients. These individual services are more extensive than what is offered in the Builder Starter Package:

Consulting Services
  • On site auditing: review and report of the framing and mechanicals of your product to get a sense of the possible savings which could be achieved through a value engineering process
  • Meeting with your site super to ascertain the stop-gaps in your construction process
  • Meeting with a customer service representative to discuss defects and service issues and how they relate to your bottom-line
  • Evaluation of a typical model for ENERGY STAR® compliance
  • HOT2000 software modeling for ENERGY STAR® performance and EnerGuide 80 compliance
  • Blower-door testing on a model to ascertain an EnerGuide rating and benchmark the air-tightness of your current construction
  • Energy Matrix for Builder Option Package creation
  • Recommendations on how to get to ENERGY STAR® qualified construction the easiest and most cost effective way on this and similar models
  • Providing you with a report with recommendations to maximize your opportunities of becoming "Lean and Green"

The ENERGY STAR® Mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. Used with Permission.